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NEW Super Mario Bros. 2 is heading for the 3DS!

You may remember that a little while back I mentioned there was a 2D Mario game in the works for the 3DS. Well, I am glad to say that the game has now been officially announced as NEW Super Mario Bros. 2!

Though, nothing has been revealed yet apart from the fact that the raccoon tail and gold leaf are back (and that I will be raving on about in the future).

Anyway, here’s some pictures-

Images from IGN
What is Retro Studios Working On?

Today it was rumoured that Retro Studio’s next game will have a hand-painted artstyle. Of course, this has got fans of Retro’s Metroid Prime games very excited, even though it has been rumoured that it won’t even be a Metroid game, but one starring a different Nintendo character.

So, what is it?

Well, it could be anything, but here’s some ideas-

It Could Be-
  • Zelda 3DS- It has been reported that a new 3DS Zelda game that plays differently to other Zelda games is in the works, and Retro might be the one to make it! Also, Shigeru, creator of the Zelda franchise suggested that Retro Studios would make a great Zelda game.
  • DK Country 3DS- After making Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii, Retro is in great shape for a 3DS sequel.
  • New Star Fox Game- Well, it IS about time a new Starfox game was made! Also, Official Nintendo Magazine hinted at it when it said “Maybe it’s time for Retro to do a barrel roll of a different kind!”
  • Pikmin 3- I don’t know why but why couldn’t it be?

It Won’t Be-
  • Skyward Sword 2- There already is a Zelda game planned for the Wii U, and they wouldn’t be making a second one.
  • Mario Paint 2- Sorry MP diehards.
Well, whatever it is, we will probably know at the end of this year’s E3!
Mario and Pokemon Pushmo/Pullblox QR Codes!

After writing the review for Pushmo (Pullblox in Australia and UK) yesterday I decided to create my own   levels. Now, of course my levels weren’t going to be any levels, instead they are based around Mario and Pokemon. So, without further ado-

Now remember, all you need to play these levels are a 3DS with Pushmo or Pullblox on it. Also, you need to have completed the first bunch of stages. ANYWAY, go to Pushmo (or Pullblox) Studio and click on the “scan QR code” button and scan these codes. Easy!

Also, for more Nintendo themed puzzles go to
Must Have 3DS eShop Games!
After a slow start, Nintendo is starting to publish some great games for the 3DS, even on the 3DS’s eShop there is a flood of new stuff for less than $10! But, how are we supposed to separate the good from the bad? Here’s my list of must have eShop games!


Saying that Pushmo is a great game really is an understatement. It is a perfect game! In case your wondering what I’m talking about, Pushmo is a puzzle/platformer game where you push and pull blocks around to get to the top of a level. Sounds simple, right? It might be to start off with, but soon you will be scratching your head wondering how to get to the top of the platform. The best part is that some of the levels are based on Nintendo characters. Meaning you will see yourself climbing Mario’s face at one point! Also, there’s a level editor along with the 250 levels offered, meaning that you’ll never run out of stuff to push! 9.5/10

Sakura Samurai

Another great game, Sakura Samurai may look like any old Samurai brawler, but it’s a lot more. It’s an RPG with great combat and a wealth of towns, mountains and castles to explore. This one really is hard to explain in one paragraph, so I’ll just show you this trailer instead! 9/10

Mutant Mudds

Mutant Mudds is, in short, a retro platformer with great music, a retro artstyle and some of the best level design around. It is great for retro game enthusiasts and casual game players alike, with no shortage of levels (there are 40 of them). Like Pushmo, this one packs a bang for your buck with lots of unlockables and some really simple yet addictive gameplay. 8/10

New Super Mario Bros. on the 3DS!

Nintendo has recently announced at a conference that a 2D Mario platformer will come to the 3DS within the next fiscal year (April 2012- March 2013). This means that this time next year we could quite possibly be enjoying a New Super Mario Bros. game on the 3DS!

I really can’t wait to see what this title looks like!
Nintendo Network?
It seems the final box art for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is online and, well, just look at the top right corner. There is a logo saying NINTENDO NETWORK? Is Nintendo going to release an online network with messaging and everything similar to XBox Live and PSN? Or is it just another internet rumor? Only time will tell…

… but I would love an online enabled Mario game!
Mario On The Wii U

The Wii U is inarguably the main thing to come out of Nintendo this year. Currently there have been many games revealed for it including a Rabbids game, Pikmin 3, a version of Batman: Arkham City and a Darksiders game announced among others. But where are the Mario games? Below is a list of Mario’s outings on the Wii U-

New Super Mario Bros. Mii
This was one of many Wii U demos available at E3 2011, and was surely one of the most eye-catching! New Super Mario Bros. Mii is pretty much the same as any other 2D platformer, except the graphics are stunning and you can play as your own Mii! This one is already sold!

Untitled Super Smash Bros.
Talking about “sold”, while this game may not even have a name yet I am bursting with excitement for this. So is the internet, with rumours about the characters and stages in this game sprouting up everywhere! Plus, this game will ALSO be available for the 3DS!

Super Mario ~~~~
Insert your own name here as nothing is known about it apart from that the same team behind the Super Mario Galaxy games is making it. Will it be Super Mario Galaxy 3, Super Mario Sunshine 2 or Super Mario Planet? Only time will tell…
Mario 10 Years Ago!

As we enter 2012 it is time to reflect on how Mario’s life was 10 years ago, before we ever heard of dual screened gaming consoles and before Mario ever went to space!

2002 was one of Mario’s greatest years. Sure, only four games were released that feature him, but he got to go on vacation in Super Mario Sunshine, the only Mario game to feature proper voice acting and my favourite Mario game ever!

The Gamecube’s best selling game, Super Smash Bros Melee, had only just been released in the USA and was released in Australia and Europe in 2002. The game featured Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Bowser and Donkey Kong among other characters from Nintendo’s many franchises.

Meanwhile, on the Game Boy Advance, Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island was released as a remake of Super Mario World 2. The game was known for it’s cute art style and surprisingly hard gameplay. 

Finally, to top it all off, Mario Party 4 was released on the Gamecube. It is, in my opinion, the best Mario Party game ever released!

If you have never played some of those games, I’d recommend you do. Remember, the Wii can play any Gamecube games (unless you’ve got one of those new ones) and the DS Lite can play any Gameboy games. OR, if your a 3DS Ambassador (like me) you can download Yoshi’s Island for FREE!